Subject FB2.5SC is slow for 25-35 users
Author tomkrej
Hi, I'd like to ask which parameters are crutial when the number of connections raise??

We have one customer, they use IB7.5 with 2processor support.
Win2003Server, 8GB RAM, 4processors

Now we traying to migrate to FB2.5 SC.
They test it this week, and when there is 1-15 connections it's OK, it's faster. But when they work all about 35 connections it's much slower than IB (they said).

I say them to raise DefaultDbCachePages and TempCacheLimit. But I will the result on monday. They say that the memory consumption was about 1GB and processors were less loaded than on IB.

Please can You tell me what else can I change to raise the speed with that number of connections??

Thank You in advance, Tom