Subject How to change charset of a DB ?
Author Nikolaus Kern
Hello all,

After a successful upgrade from 2.1 to 2.5 I realized that I was not too
carefull about the character settings so far.

I want now to ensure that UTF-8 is in place in the whole DB.
1) adapt db settings: alter character set UTF-8;
2) Check all char/vchar fields: most of them have CHARACTER SET NONE
COLLATE NONE or even no character set definition on field level at all
3) Check the ODBC settings to use UTF-8 as well

a) In order ensure that all existing char/varchar fields are storing the
data in UTF-8 do need to export the whole DB and import structure and
data again?
b) Do I need to adapt a char/varchar fields and set them to empty, NONE
or UTF-8 ?
c) What happens if a client does not define a charset or defines a
different one than UTF-8 ?

Thanks a lot in advance