Subject Re: FB2.5SC is slow for 25-35 users
Author tomkrej
Hi, nobody had answered my question.

Please would somebody help me?? Or I did a wrong question?

I have new results with configuration
16kB - data page
8192 - DefaultDbCachePages
16777216 - TempCacheLimit
HyperThreading in BIOS is enabled
32bit Win2003 Ent.edtion SP2

Allocated memory by server process only slightly exceeds 1GB (from 4GB)

The result was worsten than on friday :
Problems with connection to database, disconnects during work, errors during work, PHP module had memory alocation problem during connect

In Firebird.conf there are this kind of messages
TS2003 Tue Oct 26 08:30:22 2010
Allocated 5669 page buffers of 8192 requested
TS2003 Tue Oct 26 08:37:42 2010
unable to allocate memory from operating system
TS2003 Tue Oct 26 08:39:07 2010
Operating system call CloseHandle failed. Error code 6
TS2003 Tue Oct 26 08:41:00 2010
internal Firebird consistency check (wrong record length (183), file: vio.cpp line: 1139)
TS2003 Tue Oct 26 08:44:11 2010
Operating system call _beginthreadex failed. Error code 8

Is anybody here who can help me??
Thank You in advance, Tom