Subject isc_attach_database failed after yesterdays Fedora11 Firebird update...
Author astrofacesresearcher
Hello everyone,
we're running a research database on Firebird 2.1.3 SuperServer.
we upgraded to Fedora 11 two weeks ago and it's been running fine.
the application and database are on the same machine for simplicity.

Last night, Fedora update sent four Firebird updates.
Today the database app, flamerobin and isql all say "cannot connect".

---- app error message
system error precludes successful execution
unable to complete network request to start "localhost"
failed to establish connection, connection refused

----flamerobin error message gives a bit more information:
isc_attach_database failed
engine code 335544721
unable to complete network ...same as above

---- isql also cannot connect!
statement failed sqlcode = -902
unable to complete network ...same as above

menu-system-administration-services shows that the firebird server is enabled and running.

originally after installation, "top -b -n1 | grep fb" did show fbguard and fbserver, but now it shows nothing.

Haven't been able to get it working this afternoon.
What needs to be reset? what was changed?
Please include step by step.

Thank you much!