Subject Re: [firebird-support] isc_attach_database failed after yesterdays Fedora11 Firebird update...
Author Philippe Makowski
astrofacesresearcher [09-09-02 03.03] :
> Hello everyone,
> we're running a research database on Firebird 2.1.3 SuperServer.
> we upgraded to Fedora 11 two weeks ago and it's been running fine.
> the application and database are on the same machine for simplicity.
> Last night, Fedora update sent four Firebird updates.
> Today the database app, flamerobin and isql all say "cannot connect".
> Haven't been able to get it working this afternoon.
> What needs to be reset? what was changed?
> Please include step by step.

Yes, that's a bug in the update process of the Fedora rpm
see :