Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Memory problem, isc_attach_database failed
Author Vlad Khorsun
> When you have data ready and it's checked to be correct and you insert it
> into database, why it's bad idea to commit it?

And you commit every single record, isn't it ?

> You have correct data to use for other users (ie reporting).
> And believe me customers like this property.

Group 10 ready-to-be-committed records in one transaction and lower amount of
transactions 10 times allows you to not overfill tx numbers within next 20 years. New
records will be visible to other user not within 0.03 sec but within 0.3 sec after readyness.
It is not appropriate ?

> This place is "worst case" and amount of transactions is actually not the
> point.
> Point is how to reset counters.

Believe me or not, but application which created 2^31 tx per 2 years is BAD

> We even don't know locations of all the places.
> Some of the places do not have IT-persons or person who has some (deep)
> experience about computers.

This is not exuse you to not supply backup\restore functionality with your
soft to the customers, sorry. And nobody will kill you if you will backup\restore
database at least once per year, i think ;)

> So you have to think that you can't get any help of these places.
> By the way this has been only major problem in all these years .
> So I think that how the programs works is planned very carefully.

Not in all aspects as you see ;)

> Is this kind resetting property planned to include any release?

No. It was discussed in fb-devel some time ago and no good solution was offered.