Subject Running Firebird v1.5 and Firebird 2.0 on one server
Author josef_gschwendtner
I have read some tutorials about running several Firebird Instances on one server. I understand that with a V2.0 server running as a service(DefaultInstance) I only can start firebird v1.56 as an application (with an own port).

The v2.0 server is installed by somebody else (on a client server) and can't be touched.

The tutorials say, we should drop the FIREBIRD environment variable.

Still there is the registry key "HKLM\...\Instances" with the string value "DefaultInstances".

Now on connect a database with the 1.5 server (own port), Firebird seem to look for the userdatabase (security.fdb) within the path defined by "DefaultInstances". This is wrong because it finds only a security2.fdb there.

How is this ment to work?
How can this be solved?

Josef Gschwendtner