Subject RE: [firebird-support] Big database, transactions and performance - Email found in subject
Author Leyne, Sean
> Hello
> I have a database with one table with over 10'000'000, one with over
> 100'000 entries and some other tables with less entries.
> In one table, I update all 100 records every 10 seconds. There is very
> little server load when there are no pending transactions. I use WITH
> LOCK to access this table.
> If there are pending transactions, the server load for the 100 updates
> increases slowly and after some hours, the server load of fbserver is
> 100%.
> The gap of oldest to next transaction is about 1000.
> Is the the normal behaviou or do I miss something to keep server load
> small?

1 - Check that you have changed the sweep interval to 0 and create schedule tasks to sweep the database.

2 - Confirm you are not using COMMIT RETAINING transactions