Subject Re: [firebird-support] Big database, transactions and performance
Author Ann W. Harrison
Christian Waldmann wrote:
> In one table, I update all 100 records every 10 seconds. There is very
> little server load when there are no pending transactions. I use WITH
> LOCK to access this table.
> If there are pending transactions, the server load for the 100 updates
> increases slowly and after some hours, the server load of fbserver is
> 100%.

The WITH LOCK clause causes Firebird to update the records it accesses,
so you're creating a lot of back versions that need to be garbage
collected eventually. Do you really need that clause? Would it be
possible to handle deadlocks when they occur rather than incurring the
cost of garbage collection? The load you're putting on the system is
not very high aside from the locks.

Good luck,