Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Raid 0 or not ?
Author Nigel Weeks
> > Reading all the posts for this topic regarding data security with RAID,
> > I can conclude I'm the unluckiest person from this list: on a RAID 5
> > with 3 HDD online and one as a hotspare what do you do when the RAID
> > controller stops working?....replace it with a similar one?..not
> > possible due to the unique internal checksum

> Not true for all controllers!

> Adaptec controllers (modern ones) have the ability to move a RAID group between 2 controllers/systems.

> You just need to choose hardware "wisely" based on features not price.

> Sean

That’s precisely what we do here. We use a lot of HP hardware, and just for fun (aka testing DR strategies), I moved all the drives between two test machines (RAID 0+1 across 6 500GB SATA drives).

The HP SmartArray controller detected the drives, found the array configuration, and proceeded to mount, check, and boot.

I, too, like to sleep at night...


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