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Hi Sean,

Thanks for the tip, but the scenario I was talking about happened 4 years ago and the only viable solution that I was given by the so called "RAID specialists" was a mixture of 2 RAID controller cards mirroring one each other. But, in my opinion, the more complex the system gets the more prone to failures becomes.
And I'm still not 100% convinced that moving a RAID group between a controller that crashed while performing heavy writings on HDDs and another controller will ensure that all the data is intact, but I promise you I'll read the Adaptec controller's specs to get to the 100%.

And Stephane, sorry for getting way off-topic from your initial question.


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> Reading all the posts for this topic regarding data security with RAID,
> I can conclude I'm the unluckiest person from this list: on a RAID 5
> with 3 HDD online and one as a hotspare what do you do when the RAID
> controller stops working?.... replace it with a similar one?..not
> possible due to the unique internal checksum

Not true for all controllers!

Adaptec controllers (modern ones) have the ability to move a RAID group between 2 controllers/ systems.

You just need to choose hardware "wisely" based on features not price.


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