Subject Re: My Firebird fails on Large database size, only way to fix is by reboot
Author Eduardo A
--- In, "theodorezafiropoulos" <theodorez@...> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have Firebird 2.1 running as super server on Win XP Pro, with the platform being Xeon 5410 chip and 4GB memory.
> The application collects phone data and needs to store A LOT of call records. ie up to 300K per day.
> The Firebird.log file in the Firebird directory was full of
> inet_error: connect errno = 10061
> inet_error: read errno = 10054


The error 10054 is the equivalent of someone plugging and unplugging their network connection to the server while the server is working. You must get IT to fix that (switches, cables, NIC cards, etc.). AS resilient as Firebird is, this I/O error can mess it up.

Now, recommend that you do a Sweep, then a full validate (need to have exclusive access to the database) as well as Mend if it is called for (also with exclusive access). Note all the errors for future reference.

Then do a back up and restore setting the page size to no less than 4 and more than likely 8 kb, allocate around 8,000 page buffers,
restart your FB Service and you should be as good and clean as the database is going to get in a short time.

Hope this helps.