Subject My Firebird fails on Large database size, only way to fix is by reboot
Author theodorezafiropoulos

I have Firebird 2.1 running as super server on Win XP Pro, with the platform being Xeon 5410 chip and 4GB memory.

The application collects phone data and needs to store A LOT of call records. ie up to 300K per day.

Today the system has failed (after about 4mths) with nothing being able to access the database. I use IBEasy utility for database queries and tests, but this now fails.

The database is around 4GB in size and no OS changes have been made.

The Firebird.log file in the Firebird directory was full of

inet_error: connect errno = 10061
inet_error: read errno = 10054

I manually stopped/started the Firebird service applet many times, but that did nothing, only after a reboot did the system reset itself.

I'm banging my head trying to solve this and have read somewhere about modifying the MaxFileSystemCache parameter in the firebird.conf file.

The Filesystem is NTFS and therefore not troubled by the FAT32 Limitation ...

The errors in the logfile do point to some sort of connectivity issues, but I think these stem from the fact that FB is failing somewhere else ...

Judging by the size of the DB and the memory I think it is some internal process FB is performing, I don't really know what, sweep? Filesystem caching? something else ?

FB is great and I love using it, but when the DB gets to around 4GB, some mysterious process kicks in and throws a spanner in the works. The only way to fix is by reboot. System is currently operating, but I know it will happen again. What I need to do is discover why this happens ie what internal process happens with a DB of this size and memory.

Any idea as to what internal process FB could be running or of fixes?

Can anyone PLEASE advise and help me.

Thanking you in advance