Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Raid 0 or not ?
Author Alexandre Benson Smith
Leyne, Sean wrote:
>> Is RAID0 more prone to crashes than a single disk? Obviously, the expected
>> MTBF for a set of two disks is shorter than just one of them, but is it
>> really *that* much shorter?
> I am not a statistician to provide the exact numbers but my understanding is that the answer is most definitely Yes!

I am not a statistician too, but I believe that if you put 2 disks you have twice the chance of one of those disks fail, if you have 3 disk, 3 times more chance and so on.

So, in essence, if you use 2 disks on RAID-0 your chances double to lose everything compared to a single disk. If one guy is brave enough to put valuable data on a single cheap disk, he must be twice braver to use 2 disks on RAID-0 :)

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