Subject Re: AW: [firebird-support] Re: Data Lost...
Author Daniel Rail

At November-15-09, 1:31 PM, Steffen Heil wrote:

> Hi

> There was an question on the list earlier answered about the filename of the database.
> I suspect the reason for the question was about whether the extension is gdb or not.
> gdb is "protected" by system restore / windows file protection
> facilities, which might interfere.

> Sadly, I have seen no answer so far.

There was answer to that question, within a reply to my questions.
The filename extension if "fdb". So, that is not the problem.

And, as was mentioned, the possible cause to the problem was the
hard drive's write cache(not to be mistaken by the Windows File System
Cache). Because the physical hard drive's write cache, isn't affected
by Firebird's forced writes setting, and as for Windows, the file was
sent to the hard drive. But, with the hard drive write cache, the
file might not be immediately written to the actual physical disk.
So, if power goes out and there is no proper shutdown, whatever that
is in the hard drive's cache will be lost.

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