Subject Re: AW: [firebird-support] Re: Data Lost...
Author Jorge
Daniel Rail wrote:
> And, as was mentioned, the possible cause to the problem was the
> hard drive's write cache(not to be mistaken by the Windows File System
> Cache). Because the physical hard drive's write cache, isn't affected
> by Firebird's forced writes setting, and as for Windows, the file was
> sent to the hard drive. But, with the hard drive write cache, the
> file might not be immediately written to the actual physical disk.
> So, if power goes out and there is no proper shutdown, whatever that
> is in the hard drive's cache will be lost.

I missed that part of the conversation but in my opinion it is extremely
unlikely that the drive's hardware cache would hold data for more than a
few seconds because these caches on the drive almost always write the
data as soon as the drive isn't busy (any drive that didn't work this
way would be so unreliable that nobody would use it). Since we're
talking about a very long period of time here, that cause seems unlikely
outside of broken firmware or something.

I mean we're talking about a process that ran all day and didn't write
anything to the disk? Sounds like a software bug to me. Either
Firebird or more likely the application itself. Slight chance of
something being weird or broken with the tablet (SSD maybe?) but unlikely.