Subject Data Lost...
Author gsndelphicoder
Hey all,

I have a client using a tablet application I developed. We are using FB 1.5.5, developing with Delphi 7, using IBO 4.6.A, and the app is running on Windows XP Tablet Edition. The client entered data into the system all day and at the end of the day the tablet PC ran out of battery and shutdown(it didn't run through the shutdown process it just turned off). When he turned the tablet PC back on, all of the data he had entered that day was gone. The first thing i thought was that somewhere I had left a transaction uncommitted. I looked through my code and couldn't find this to be true. There were no Transaction started that weren't committed or rolled back within the same code block/procedure. Also, each time the data is saved/posted, which he did throughout the day, I am checking for uncommitted transactions and committing them. So, just to make sure of this I restored a backup of the DB made the day before and compared the Generators of several tables that would have been incremented throughout the day as he was entering data in the app. All of the generator values were identical. From what I understand, these generator values are handled outside of transactions which means that even if my code had rolled back a transaction that somehow managed to stay open the entire day, the generators would still have been incremented.

Does anyone have any experience with data loss due to a PC turning off unexpectedly?

This is kinda freaking me out. I don't want to lose this client and need to get to the bottom of this. He has be using this system for months with no problems until the PC turned itself off yesterday.

Thanks all,