Subject Architectural Question
Author Kurt Federspiel

I wrote some code a couple years back that is getting an update into more modular/OO/reusable code.

I created a base object with a DB handle that is inherited by other objects that represent a row. Connectivity is fast, data is cleaner, and generally runs good.

My worry is that every row of certain tables (sensors, interfaces, read-points, set-points) will all have a handle. Just in some moderate testing, I noticed the "Next Attachment ID" in gstat jumping by over 100 when I test. Generally, the code will run for weeks at a time and not reload this data, but I think it's reasonable the way I have done this to have 500 or so handles open to the DB at a time. BTW, the DB Handle is the IBPP:Database object.

Should I be concerned about the "Next Attachment ID" and how many I am consuming? Do these represent current connections to the DB, and are they dragging resources on the server side?

As always, thanks in advance for your time.
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