Subject Re: [firebird-support] Architectural Question
Author Dmitry Yemanov
Kurt Federspiel wrote:
> My worry is that every row of certain tables (sensors, interfaces, read-points, set-points) will all have a handle. Just in some moderate testing, I noticed the "Next Attachment ID" in gstat jumping by over 100 when I test. Generally, the code will run for weeks at a time and not reload this data, but I think it's reasonable the way I have done this to have 500 or so handles open to the DB at a time. BTW, the DB Handle is the IBPP:Database object.

Sorry, but having 500 database connections just to please your
application OO design doesn't look reasonable at all ;-)

> Should I be concerned about the "Next Attachment ID" and how many I am consuming? Do these represent current connections to the DB, and are they dragging resources on the server side?

Connections are more or less cheap for SuperServer but extremely
expensive for Classic.

Also, as soon as the "Next Attachment ID" counter would reach 2^31,
you'll have to backup/restore your database in order to operate further.