Subject Re: Kubuntu 9.10 AMD64 problem in installing FirebirdSS-
Author raja_s_patil
Thanks Steve,

> - I have a 64bit AMD dual cpu machine.
> - there seem to be different libraries for 64 & 32 bit and AMD
> - specifically as suggested by Philippe Makowski
> - so maybe you could try it on a 64bit machine if there is one available.
> As per the email I sent you, I only did those four things and I used a
> standard boot cd created from the ISO download.
> I'm sorry I'm now at the limit of my ability to help you.

No problems, I am very much grateful to u for interest
shown in problem I am facing. Though this chapter is closed
relationship continues. I have to find out some other workaround
or switch back to 9.04.

> This can be very frustrating. It took me about three weeks
> to get it to work.

This is good and bad part of Opensource. Good is u can make it work
bad is time spent.

BTW I have tried libstdc++ way Philippe Makowski has suggested.
But it also fails. I am going to try other options suggested by him.
Next try will be compiling from sources. Though I have not done
this before rather than changing distros and waiting for ubuntu to
fix I feel acquiring this skill will help me in long term, since
this can happen in future releases also.

Thanks and best regards