Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Kubuntu 9.10 AMD64 problem in installing FirebirdSS-
Author Steve
Hi Raja,

I'm sorry to hear it is still not working. I now have it working perfectly
on my machine.

Some more details that may be relevant to you:

- I have a 64bit AMD dual cpu machine.
- there seem to be different libraries for 64 & 32 bit and AMD
- specifically as suggested by Philippe Makowski
- so maybe you could try it on a 64bit machine if there is one available.

As per the email I sent you, I only did those four things and I used a
standard boot cd created from the ISO download.

I'm sorry I'm now at the limit of my ability to help you.

This can be very frustrating. It took me about three weeks to get it to

Very good luck.