Subject RE: [firebird-support] Big doc DB, sometimes long waiting time
Author Alan McDonald
> We have FB 1.55 running on Win XP with 500 mb RAM. We have a 4Gb.
> database storing documents, like pdf, doc, jpg, etc.
> It works mostly fine, but sometimes the server starts doing something
> with the db and the server won't respond (on that db) for 5 minutes or
> more while the disk is working frenetically. Al other dbs in the same
> server continue working fine.
> What should I do? What is the server doing?
> Should be a matter of adding more memory?
> Is the server doing garbage collection or something like that?
> Should I switch to classicmode?
> Should I upgrade to v 2.1.1. In this case should I upgrade the ODS? Its
> really a "stupid" db with just one table. We did it that way to keep
> all other info in a companion db (10mb. only)
> Greetings, Marcelo.

try setting sweep to 0 (that's manual)
use gfix - look up the docs for switches
then do a mnaula swrrp everynigh.
Then look at your code to find the transactions which are not committing