Subject Big doc DB, sometimes long waiting time
Author pcpower099
Hi all!

We have FB 1.55 running on Win XP with 500 mb RAM. We have a 4Gb. database storing documents, like pdf, doc, jpg, etc.
It works mostly fine, but sometimes the server starts doing something with the db and the server won't respond (on that db) for 5 minutes or more while the disk is working frenetically. Al other dbs in the same server continue working fine.
What should I do? What is the server doing?
Should be a matter of adding more memory?
Is the server doing garbage collection or something like that?
Should I switch to classicmode?
Should I upgrade to v 2.1.1. In this case should I upgrade the ODS? Its really a "stupid" db with just one table. We did it that way to keep all other info in a companion db (10mb. only)

Greetings, Marcelo.