Subject Re: [firebird-support] UDF Writing On Ubuntu
Author R. S. Patil
Thanks Milan,

> I never used FreeAdHocUDF library, so I don't know its details. I
> successfully compiled and use rFunc (, so it
> surely works.

Well It doen't Matter whether its a rFunc or FreeUDFLibC or FreeAdhocUDF
for nature of Problem Iam Facing. Earlier I have Succesfully compiled
FreeUDFLibC both on Linux (RH, Suse) and Windows. In both cases
Compiler versions and Switches caused some hiccups initially but
later they worked smoothly. This time on Ubuntu I am facing
problems like missing compiler, missing headers, Makefile
mentions some dependency on particular header but that is not at all included
in source.

So If u have compiled C Sources on Ubuntu 8.0.4 then U guidance
regarding various Packages required for C/C++ source compilation
is valuable to me. If so please help me by mentioning various packages
u have used to compile rfunc UDFs on Ubuntu.

> There are some FreeAdHoc users who can help you?

No ..... I have to depend on Mailing Lists, IRCs and forums.
In this part of world Linux or FB is being rarely Used.
Windows/VB and SQL Server/Oracle are common.

Thanks and Best Regards

R. S. Patil