Subject File Location of Security2.fdb
Author wb7eok
As my company prepares to release a piece of software using Firebird
v2x, I am trying to finalize our installation. One of the key
decisions of this installation is the location of Security2.fdb.

While I know the default location is the Firebird folder under Program
Files, I cannot believe that it is the only place it can reside. Our
goal is to isolate this file for our application's needs while
protecting it from other Firebird applications that might be installed
on the same computer causing a conflict.

So my question is this. Is it possible to locate Security2.fdb in a
folder of my choosing? If so, how is this accomplished? I am hoping
that the file can be located in the same folder as our application's
executable. Any help, instructions, written documentation would be
greatly appreciated. I am looking to resolve this as soon as I can.

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

Jack Wilson
Northwest Software...