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>Can someone help me with what the connection string looks like to use XNET. I thought that is what I was using. Is there anything else I must do to use XNET besides changing the structure of my connection string?

XNET is the new "Windows local" protocol that replaces the old IPServer in Fb 1.5.x and below. So you need a "serverless" connection string, that's all. i.e. "c:\program files\reactornet technologies\ cinema solutions\private\ db\reactornet. fdb"

All those spaces in your path! Think about using an alias (in aliases.conf) to reduce the complexities of life:

rnpath = c:\program files\reactornet technologies\ cinema solutions\private\ db\reactornet. fdb

Then your connection string for XNET is merely rnpath! What's more, if you're deploying this to multiple sites it avoids forcing hard-wired locations on the customer. Vista users often have compelling reasons not to install software in C:\Program Files. It becomes a routine configuration task just alter the path location in aliases.conf at deployment, without need to compile custom builds of the application.

Also, regarding firebird.log, deleting it (or archiving it first, then deleting it, if you want to maintain a persisent trace) should be part of your regular housekeeping in any event. The server will always create firebird.log if it has to log something and the file isn't there...


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