Subject RE: [firebird-support] Firebird.log Error Messages
Author Helen Borrie
At 05:42 AM 3/07/2008, Sean Leyne wrote:
>> Vlad wrote:
>> Every disconnection (despite of correct it or not) will log such entry
>> into firebird.log.
>It seems to me kind of silly (at best) that the engine should be logging
>this entry if the context is not known to be valid or not.
>The Firebird Log file should contain only real errors.
>Otherwise we are (at best) filling the log with 100's of MB of crap and
>at worse causing needless anxiety and concern for our engine users and
>generating needless traffic in the support list.

Hmmm, firebird.log is a key source of information about problems, including those reported from the network. And you get far more relevance from TCP/IP network errors. NetBEUI is dead anyway, and flawed, and a very noisy protocol for a database server. Better just to avoid using it altogether. It's not like TCP/IP is unavailable to any Windows server in this day and age...