Subject Re: [firebird-support] File Location of Security2.fdb
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:26 AM 3/07/2008, you wrote:
>As my company prepares to release a piece of software using Firebird
>v2x, I am trying to finalize our installation. One of the key
>decisions of this installation is the location of Security2.fdb.
>While I know the default location is the Firebird folder under Program
>Files, I cannot believe that it is the only place it can reside. Our
>goal is to isolate this file for our application's needs while
>protecting it from other Firebird applications that might be installed
>on the same computer causing a conflict.
>So my question is this. Is it possible to locate Security2.fdb in a
>folder of my choosing? If so, how is this accomplished? I am hoping
>that the file can be located in the same folder as our application's
>executable. Any help, instructions, written documentation would be
>greatly appreciated. I am looking to resolve this as soon as I can.

The answer is that security2.fdb must be in the root directory of the Firebird server installation that uses it.

Perhaps you are a little misinformed about the authentication database. It applies *at server level*, not at database level. Current versions do not support having multiple security databases that apply to specific user databases (that's coming in Firebird 3 or later...)

So - if your customer has other apps that use other user databases served by the same Firebird server, then the same users have access to all of the databases. The SYSDBA user has "god-like" access to all of them; within user databases, users have access to objects by way of SQL privileges.

From the fact that you asked this... I do sincerely hope you haven't written your database system with hard-coded SYSDBA access for all clients, as an easy way out of having to design and implement a schema for SQL privileges....or that you haven't resorted to a script that does GRANT <ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING> ON <ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING> TO PUBLIC. :-(