Subject Re: [firebird-support] Error INET
Author Matthias Hanft
Milan Babuskov wrote:
> Firebird tries to read/write to that socket and uses it's file number (5
> in our example) to access it. However, from some reason (network failure
> or something) the operating system has closed that file, or made it
> invalid, or whatever - which caused the file number not to be present
> anymore (i.e. number 5 is not found in /proc/self/fd). At time point the
> OS refuses any operation on the file/socket.

Thank you for that detailed explanation (in DOS times, I had used "file
handles" myself, too). Then, "read" and "select in packet_receive" are
just two different places where the error occurs, right? Can I do any-
thing against it, and/or should I worry about it anyway? The client is
a self-programmed web server within my LAN (Delphi 7 with just TIBDatabase
and TIBSQL components) - possibly some web clients close the HTTP connection
early, and as a consequence, my web server closes the FB connection early.

But if you can confirm that FB tolerates those network flaws without
problems, I'll just ignore those firebird.log messages... :-)