Subject Re: [firebird-support] Error INET
Author Milan Babuskov
Matthias Hanft wrote:
> ...I already knew that "Errors like 'INET/inet_error: read errno = '
> are networking errors." But _what_exactly_ is going wrong here? And
> how can I avoid it?
> And while error 9 is "bad file number", according to that website:
> What does a "bad file number" mean
> I'd really appreciate a little more elaborated description...

It probably won't mean anything to you, even if you got a more detailed
explanation. AFAIK, 'Bad file number' means that the software (Firebird)
has opened a file (i.e. a network socket) and got a 'file number' (i.e.
a descriptor) with some number (for example: 5). After some time,
Firebird tries to read/write to that socket and uses it's file number (5
in our example) to access it. However, from some reason (network failure
or something) the operating system has closed that file, or made it
invalid, or whatever - which caused the file number not to be present
anymore (i.e. number 5 is not found in /proc/self/fd). At time point the
OS refuses any operation on the file/socket.

In short: it means that there is some kind of network failure reported
by the operating system, and there is no way Firebird could know more
about it.

Milan Babuskov