Subject Running multiple FB versions on development computer
Author Myles Wakeham
I was hoping that others have gone down this path and can point me in the
right direction.

I have many different applications in development that work with Firebird.
Some are Delphi apps and others are PHP5 apps. I do all of my development
on my Windows laptop computer. In the past, I have been using FB 1.5.5 for
everything which has worked great.

Recently we decided to start building for FB 2.1, and now I have to have
both FB 1.5.5 and FB 2.1 available on my computer. I would like both to be
running as server instances at the same time, but serving on different ports
if that is possible.

I've not had to install multiple FB server instances on the same computer
before, so I was looking for some guidance on this. I tried to run the FB
2.1 installer on my computer, but it complained that since the other version
of FB was installed, I'd have to complete the installation manually. Also
it wanted the FB 1.5.5 server shut down in order to install.

Are there any documents out there that explain, step by step, what is
required to have multiple versions of FB running concurrently on a computer
for this?

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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