Subject Re: [firebird-support] Connection Rejected by remote interface (YH000) (On FB 2.1 CS 64 Bits - Fedora 8)
Author Milan Babuskov
Fabian Chocron wrote:
> I did not check the xinetd settings, as I don't know anything about Linux,
> but why would the standard setting allow only 10 connections from the same
> host client?

To prevent from putting the server under a great load or to deny DOS
attacks on the machine.

xinetd setting for max. number of connections is by default meant for
all clients (doesn't matter where they come from) and usually when you
start xinetd service it means you have a server that would serve outside

xinetd was built and designed mostly for purpose of making the services
available from the Internet, which means a potentially huge number of
users, some of them not with friendly intentions.

As always, you should learn about the system you're using. xinetd is one
of the basic daemons in Linux and I believe it is explained in any
'Linux for beginners' kind of book.

Milan Babuskov