Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird Unavailable Database
Author Tiberiu Horvath
You are right, I started using Interbase 6.02 and moved to Firebird.

I don't know anything about any DATE field problem. It works fine at many of my customers. Should I modify all DATE fields to TIMESTAMP ?


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Subject: RE: [firebird-support] Firebird Unavailable Database

> OK, the information :

I won't bottom post here...
I see you started with interbase and moved right up to FB2
You use DATE
You used DATE in interbase dialect 1?
What did you do to the data in the DATE fields when you migrated to dialect
3? Anything?
Remember that dialect 1 date is not the same as dialect 3 date.

If you backup dialect 1 DATE and restore dialect 3 DATE you don't get any
error (or you used not to - I haven't done this lately). But I do remember
that you need to properly truncate the contents of the fields or pump them
properly into a dialect 3 TIMESTAMP (the equivalent)

Did you did this?