Subject cannot transliterate characters between character sets
Author Sergio H. Gonzalez
(FB 2.1)

Hello! I'm testing a new DB manager and I get this error when I try to see
the stored procedures.
I used to have the character set = NONE in the database (the default option)
Now this new admin set the conection with WIN1252 by default.
If I change it to NONE, I can see al the procedures, but when I connect to
the database the program display a messagge saying that try to conenct to
the database with the charset set to NONE may corrupt the metadata or the
data. Is that dangerous?

ERROR when I refresh the stored procedures section:

Cannot transliterate characters between character sets
SQL Code -314
IB error number 335544565

After the error, I only can see the first 2 procedures. That means tha the
offending procedure is the 3rd ?

Thanks for any help!!