Subject Re: [firebird-support] Connection Rejected by remote interface (YH000) (On FB 2.1 CS 64 Bits - Fedora 8)
Author Uwe Grauer
Fabian Chocron wrote:
> Hi Uwe,
> The server is Fedora Core 8 64 bits, dual opteron, 16giga ram, with Classic
> Server 2.1 64 bits for Linux, and the client is Ms Win 2003 server 342 bits,
> with FB 2.03 installed, so using the previous client, and Easysoft 2.1 ODBC.
> I did not check the xinetd settings, as I don't know anything about Linux,
> but why would the standard setting allow only 10 connections from the same
> host client?
> Anyways, I'll go play with xinetd settings and see if I find anything there,
> Thanks
> Fabian

The setting for "instances" in /etc/xinetd.conf tells you how many
connections are possible.