Subject RE: Re: [firebird-support] Web site usage
Author Gary T. Benner

HI Robert,

At 10:39 on 13/05/2008 you wrote
>I don't know a whole lot about web sites but thought a 1000+ hits a >second was quite large, don't really know. SS Sounds good, esp when 3.0 >is released (been waiting for this baby).
Any analysis of web site use has to be done carefully as 1000 online users does not equate to 1000 hits a second - more likely 50 - 80 depending on the site - and also remember the difference between hits and sessions. Where the webserver serves PHP pages and other files (images), the latter can be quite easily moved to a "media server" so as to leave your DB server alone.

Personally I use FB with S/S on large sites with no issue.

However with FB and IB going >different ways do you think there might be future issues with the native >IB drivers in PHP?

The basics won't change, and most people still only use the basics. And who knows what Embarcadero will do????

The only issue I've found is with blobs ( make sure you have the latest version of PHP - there were some dicky ones a while back that stuffed up blob access ).

>I think I tried the PDO driver but it was DOA (i.e. I couldn't even >connect).
>FB is sounding like its the go :)



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