Subject RE: [firebird-support] Newbie question - Wich FB version on a Suse Linux E 10 server?
Author Carrell Alex
We run with suse 10.x(10.1-10.3).

The install scripts with firebird are excellent(installed two version
last week and very smooth), so I would use the tar.gz. You can dictate
better were to install firebird. Thus manage upgrades and test versions

The scripts are straightforward to tweak for installing other versions
of firebird.

I use 1.5x but have 2.1 running, starting to move some code over to 2.1x
as a test on one server already running 1.5x firebird.

I would go with 2.x as its features are better and 1.5x is end of the
line in that series. 2.0x is robust. We use IBO not code gear so cannot
help there. You will have to use firebird version the delphi client can
support. We use IBO as Delphi for us has not been worth upgrading in
several years, plus IBO is updated/fixed more regularly. Though the
current version looks like it is worthy.

In a basic client server setupo, I would use classic server connection.
Superserver does not scale as well, the way memory is allocated for the
superserver(one big block, versus a per connection blocks) means
Superserver can require more computer resources.
The are plenty of previous discussions in the forum about this.


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Subject: [firebird-support] Newbie question - Wich FB version on a Suse
Linux E 10 server?

Hi to all,

I have a new server: Dell SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 Server (well my boss
put it on my desk) and I'm suposed to install Firebird SQL on it.

Several questions?

Client application is being compiled for windows clients with Delphi
2007 Win32. Is it the best choice to use FB 1.5 either FB 2.1? Is the
CodeGear's dbExpress driver for Interbase the best choice for the client
side whith these versions?

If choice is FB 1.5, Clasic or Superserver?

Which one .rpm vrs tar.gz?

Sorry about these elementary questions but any links to answers will be




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