Subject Cannot attach without specifying port number
Author Magno Machado
I'm having a problem when connecting to a remote firebird server.
The server is listening at the default port (3050), so, I don't have to
specify the port number on my connection string when I try to attach to a
database, do I?

The problem is that I can't attach to a remote database (it works fine for
local databases..) if I don't specify the port number (remember, the server
is listening at the default port). I have this issue on a computer running
Windows Vista and in another one running XP, but there are other computers
running Vista and XP that work fine. The server in all of these cases is
running on a Windows 2003 computer.

This is not an issue of the library used to access the database since I have
this issue with ISQL, IBExpert and on Delphi with dbExpress and Zeos.

The sever version is 2.0

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