Subject Web site usage
Author Robert martin

Just a couple of general questions. I am thinking about developing a
web site with PHP and FB. I like FB because I know it which will speed
dev (I am learning php). The website will hopefully be used by a very
large number of users. My questions are...

1) Should I even be considering FB for a web site will a v high hit rate.
2) I like the concept behind SS but understand that Classic is better on
multi cpu machines. If I have 1000 simultaneous hits this means 1000
instances of FB under classic? would I be better with SS under this
3) What is the best way to connect to FB from PHP? I tried a number of
methods but they were buggy (I couldn't even connect) and ended up using
the native IB drivers. I don't like this as a solution. Do I have to
do ODBC? will it be up to large loads?

Sorry its all very hypothetical at the moment :)

Any comments appreciated.

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