Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: 2 databases and SuperServer
Author Philippe Makowski
svanderclock [08-12-30 16.32] :
>>> I have an idea to better use all the processor :
>> Why not use Classic server?
> hmm, because in classic server EACH connection will have his own
> dedicated cache !
> i want that the 100 connections on the database 1 use the same shared
> cache and that the 20 connections on the database 2 use the same shared
> cache. as the cpu usage of both the database is 50 % i will have
> something good if i have dual cpu !
use Classic and a connection pool
if really you have a CPU load issue, but I am curious to know if you often have CPU used
at 100%

you are focusing on cache, but cache is really not magic