Subject Re: 2 databases and SuperServer
Author Adam
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<svanderclock@...> wrote:
> hello,
> I have an idea to better use all the processor : "split" my database in
> 2 databases (for exemple one database with the user sessions,
> statistiques, etc.. so very write and read intensive but easy SQL
> query, and the other database with all the CRM, read intensive and
> heavy SQL but only few write on it) !
> my question, if i have 2 differents databases, is firebird super server
> will use 2 processors (or create 2 threads) for each database ?
> I guess the answer will be no !

You guess correct.

> so is it possible to run 2 instances of
> firebird superserver on the same server ? one for each database ?! if
> yes how to do so ?

It is possible (listening on different ports is an obvious
requirement). Later versions (2.1.x IIRC) are much easier to install
with different service names.

I would actually do some profiling though with Classic Server. It may
not be as terrible as you are worried about, and it is a heck of a lot
less effort on your part.