Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: 2 databases and SuperServer
Author Anderson Farias

>hmm, because in classic server EACH connection will have his own
>dedicated cache !
>i want that the 100 connections on the database 1 use the same shared
>cache and that the 20 connections on the database 2 use the same shared
>cache. as the cpu usage of both the database is 50 % i will have
>something good if i have dual cpu !

So your expectation is that -- having to work on 2 separate databases -- a
shared cache should outperform the ability to use 4 cores (quad-core
processors are just "cheap" as dual-core today, no?)

I've used SS atached to 1 processor on HT, 2-core, and 4-core processors
and -- at least when it comes to Windows -- Classic is such a *huge*
diference.. lot more performing.

I'd love to hear from your experience and would be very surprised your setup
would outperform the ability of classic on SMP boxes.

Anyway... As I understand you're talking about a Web app right? I really
have little experience on it. I've deployed only 2 and both on Linux servers
running SuperServer. I gess another issue with Web apps and Classic is that
you must have a connection pool set since each user action will need to
start a new process.

Anderson Farias