Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird, ODBC, web access and various beginner questions
Author Thomas Løcke
Anderson Farias wrote:
> Here I think it's *very* important. You can use SATA to system and apps. But
> I'd go with a SAS(SCSI) for the DB -- it's faster and more reliable.
You're probably right. I'll go for the fastest I can afford. :o)

Anybody here tried some of those new solid state harddisks? Speed should
be quite a lot higher than traditional drives, but what about stability?

> the one you're more confortable with. I personally like RedHat's ones.
Slackware it is then..

> Most performance issues are due to bad design (app design, sql query design,
> and so) ... than, take a look at it
> Regards,
> Anderson
I'm fairly certain lots of my issues are due to bad design in the app,
but as I have no control over those issues, all I can do is fix it as
best I can. In this case fixing = throwing more hardware at the problem.


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