Subject Re: Running UDF from rFunc
Author Adam
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> Thanks Milan,
> do you know if there are some other udf UDF than manage user or
> could you send me some other component to do it?
> I have to use Delphi7 with this big project so I have to use IBAdmin
> don't work... Tooo old same problem of rFunc).
> I wanna use service API but I don't know API and use,...

Firebird 2 changed user management by preventing you from making
connections to the security database. That used to be a security flaw.

Any user management must now go through the services API. I suppose it
is still possible to write a UDF to achieve this, but it is not
advisable because you are reintroducing the same security flaw that
was removed.

Instead of looking for a UDF, you should use the Services API from
your Delphi application to manage users. Most component sets expose
this API.