Subject Index unexpectedly deleted
Author PenWin
Hi again,

once again with a strange and curious problem: When a PHP script connects to
my database and I try to select from a view, I get an error message "Index
unexpectedly deleted". If I try the same SQL statement running under the
same user in IBOConsole, it produces the expected output. Two days ago, the
same PHP script (no change in it) with the same database (structure, I
mean - obviously there were new data added in those two days) worked.
According to my Google searched, this error message is generally linked to a
mix of DDL and DML statements, but that's not my case - I am using a
sequence of CONNECT (works), START TRANSACTION (probably works - at least,
it doesn't produce any errors), SELECT (fails), COMMIT (never reached,
unless I comment that previous SELECT statement, in which case it fails with
"Default link has no default transaction"). I am trying to restore a backup
of the database to see if it is some garbage problem, but other than that, I
am a bit unsure as to what to try next.