Subject Re: [firebird-support] Having error when using Embedded, not full server
Author Chuck Belanger
> I would think that this is a component set issue. You haven't said what
> connectivity components you use.
> Alan
Hi, Alan:

Using IBO 4.5 (I think).

Anyway, I seemed to have fixed it.

Turns out there were two query components which I had accidentally left
the active property as true, which kept it impossible to use Delphi IDE.
Once I found those and reset to false, I could load the program with
embedded FB (I only said this about embedded because of something I
though Helen said about using FB Embedded with Delphi IDE). Anyway, YES,
one can use embedded with the IDE.

This allowed me to trace and sure enough I found a simple error.

But now the real question is why it worked with the full server and only
showed the error with the embedded. It was really an error.


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