Subject RE: [firebird-support] Having error when using Embedded, not full server
Author Alan McDonald
> Hello:
> This is a real head scratcher:
> I'm developing a Win desktop system which has been using FB 1.54
> embedded in the installed base, but for my development in Delphi IDE
> (7.0) been using the full server.
> A few weeks ago started hearing from the testers that they were getting
> "RI_ID is a required field" error, when doing simple access of a tree
> node. RI_ID is the PK of the Registry Items table and I am getting that
> value from the tree node's data record which I then look up the record
> in the table via a parameterized SQL SELECT statement. All basic stuff.
> Anyway, I checked this and no problems on my system. They gave me a step
> by instructions to reproduce; still no problems on my end. Meanwhile
> they've kept having the error. Since the only difference between theirs
> and mine installation is the use of the full FB server. I turned off the
> service and ran my own local installation of the user version which uses
> the embedded. Sure enough, I got the error.
> I checked to see if the config files are the same. They are.
> At this point I have no idea why they would be reacting differently. To
> complicate things, I can't trace the program using the embedded server
> while in the Delphi IDE.
> Any suggestions, except the obvious, i.e. install the full server with
> the program, not the embedded? I'd like to avoid that since its a
> possibility that some users may have Interbase installed.
> Thank you,
> Chuck Belanger

I would think that this is a component set issue. You haven't said what
connectivity components you use.