Subject Having error when using Embedded, not full server
Author Chuck Belanger

This is a real head scratcher:

I'm developing a Win desktop system which has been using FB 1.54
embedded in the installed base, but for my development in Delphi IDE
(7.0) been using the full server.

A few weeks ago started hearing from the testers that they were getting
"RI_ID is a required field" error, when doing simple access of a tree
node. RI_ID is the PK of the Registry Items table and I am getting that
value from the tree node's data record which I then look up the record
in the table via a parameterized SQL SELECT statement. All basic stuff.

Anyway, I checked this and no problems on my system. They gave me a step
by instructions to reproduce; still no problems on my end. Meanwhile
they've kept having the error. Since the only difference between theirs
and mine installation is the use of the full FB server. I turned off the
service and ran my own local installation of the user version which uses
the embedded. Sure enough, I got the error.

I checked to see if the config files are the same. They are.

At this point I have no idea why they would be reacting differently. To
complicate things, I can't trace the program using the embedded server
while in the Delphi IDE.

Any suggestions, except the obvious, i.e. install the full server with
the program, not the embedded? I'd like to avoid that since its a
possibility that some users may have Interbase installed.

Thank you,

Chuck Belanger