Subject RE: [firebird-support] Linux Classic 2.x
Author Leyne, Sean

> ... and if 200 people connected and each was using 128k, then
> some 20GB of memory would get used?

I think you got your numbers wrong.

200 connections x 75 pages (page cache per db connection)= 15,000 pages

15,000 pages x 4KB page size = ~60MB
15,000 pages x 8KB page size = ~120MB
15,000 pages x 16KB page size = ~240MB

> Just to make sure I understand. There doesn't seem to be any
> commented out default configuration params in the firebird.conf file.
> Is that on purpose as we shouldn't be messing with the parameters or
> over site?

This is on purpose, all entries start off with commented out default
values, so that the defaults can be clearly seen.

> I think the cached pages for CS defaults to 75 and I was going to bump
> it to 200 (if that makes sense).

For CS, "less is more"...

A value of 75 is good for most purposes, for a large number of
connections 50 could be better.