Subject Re: UTF8, embedded server and LLBLGen
Author Adam
> Adding an extra line in the source of LLBLGen to set this parameter
> this problem.
> This seems like a bug in the .NET provider. How would I go about getting
> this investigated/fixed?

You can find the Firebird lists here:

There is a link on that page to the Firebird-net-provider list which
is the place to go for .NET specific Firebird problems.

Create a simple test case that demonstrates the problem you are
encountering and ask whether it is a new bug, a known issue, a
resolved issue, or pebkac (it happens). Depending on the response, you
may be directed to create a tracker issue.

I find it preferable to ask on the appropriate lists before creating a
tracker issue, so the tracker doesn't get filled up with white noise
of people who simply haven't RTFM (and I am not suggesting this is
true of you, but you would be surprised at the number of tracker
issues opened about bugs where the feature is behaving exactly as per
SQL standards and if the user had spend 2 minutes glancing at the
release notes they would know this ;) )

I have not needed the .NET provider so can offer only limited support.
Others in the .net list will be much more familiar and you will get a
response faster.